Product description

This product is based on sodium Nano montmorillonite clay, which have been prepared from the best mines of Iran. It is pure and active according to the standards of global purification and based on special and advanced physical and chemical methods. The purity of the particles (sodium Nano montmorillonite) in this product is more than 90-95%. This product does not contain many detrimental impurities such as quartz, silica, mica, and so on. The amount of heavy metals in this product has reached very low levels, which is within the WHO standard.

Rheogel A is able to create a thixotropy property in the formulation of various products and has the ability to create an almost high viscosity in water-based environments. Rheogel A is a thixotropic concentrator and an Anti-deposition agent that prevents the deposition and dispersal of suspension in the formation of gels in aqueous systems. The use of this product will lead to synergistic effects of viscosity in the presence of other concentrator or expensive organic materials. Rheogel A is also an additive that has the property of coating. In addition to the aforementioned applications, Rheogel A can simultaneously play the role of a filler together with providing thixotropic properties. It should be noted that rouge A can also be used as the basis for catalytic reactions.

Rheogel A is resistant to fungi and there is no need to add disinfectants to the final formulation unless there is a third-party corruptible substance in the formulation.

RHEOGEL is resistant to heat changes and also it is stable in a wide range of pH.

All of these make the Rheogel A unique and special additive for use in paint, ink, resin, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, cement and concrete, ceramic tiles, stationery, tire and vehicle tires, paper production, and so on.

Brochures for introducing rougues

specialized for paint a and color

specialized for adhesive

specialized for ocsmetics

specialized for masonery

Target industries

Paint – Ink and Composite – Resin – Adhesive – Ceramic and Tile – Cement and Concrete – Automobile Tires and Tires – Oil Industry (Oil Well Drilling Flowers) – Paper Production – Toxic Chemicals and Special Chemical Fertilizers – Stationery – Packaging

Quality control of the desired product

Control and supervision of the production and distribution of the product is based on the best possible standards, including our working principles and without any shortcomings.

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