Introduction to RHEOCLAYS

“(RHEOCLAY)” The general name is a batch of advanced minerals additive based on nano-montmorillonite, manufactured by BARAZMAN SHIMI SANAT SHARGH for the first time in Iran and the Middle East with advanced and specific technology. continue…

Introduction of Montmorillonite

Montmorillonite is a very soft phyllosilicate group of minerals that form when they precipitate from water solution as microscopic crystals, known as clay. It is named after Montmorillon in France. Montmorillonite, a member of the continue…

The current products of the BARAZMAN SHIMI SANAT SHARGH company

At present, the company’s products are offered in the form of five trade names:

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    Ask us for the most advanced mineral additives. We ensure that our products are serious rivals of European and American additives.

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Scientific, Powerful and Flexible Core

Our company, with its high scientific and technical backing, consisting of a team of scientific experts and academics faculty, is working hard to provide unique products and provide you with the choice of the best additives needed for your industry. this company provides guidance and special post-sales services, such as scientific and technical support, and the dispatch of a Cooperation and support team team.